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5 unusual sports around the world


ou think you know the sports? Think again. We’ve all watched football, rugby, golf, tennis, basketball … But have you ever heard of « Wife Carrying » or Chess boxing ?
Today, Betfinal presents 5 sports among the most unusual sports around the world.

5. Chess boxing

Sport born in the 2000s, the boxing chess is a mix of English boxing and chess.
Originally this sport was imagined in a comic by Enki Bilal in 1992 and it was in 2003 that Ipe Rubong organized the first fight.
The rules? Two athletes compete on a ring where there is also a chess table. They must respect both the official rules of chess and those of English boxing.
The competition takes place on a maximum of eleven rounds: 6 rounds of 4 minutes at chess and 5 rounds of 3 minutes at boxing.

4. Toe wrestling

This sport is like arm wrestling to the difference that it is with big toes.
With shoes and socks off, the competitors face other toe-to-toe across the “toedium”, must link toes and each player’s foot must touch flat on the other person’s foot.
The opponents proceed to attempt to trap the other’s toe for three second while avoiding the same.
The tournament takes place in 3 rounds played on a best 2 out of 3 basis. In first with the right foot.
This sport was invented by four drinkers in a pub (Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn) in Wetton, Derbyshire, UK, in 1974.

3. Bossaball

This is a ball game between 2 teams, combining elements of football, capoeira, volleyball and gymnastics with music. It is played on an inflatable court featuring a trampoline on each side of the net.
This game is played between two team of 3-5 players. The attacker is positioned on the trampoline, the others around him.  The server throws the ball into the air and attempts to hit the ball so it passes over the net on a course such that it will land in the serve.
The team must use a combination of no more than 5 contacts with the ball to return it to the other side. The players can using any body parts.

2. Cheese rolling

Despite its name, it’s a very dangerous sport.
The concept is pretty easy, a round cheese is launched on the top of the hill.
A hundred participants rush down the slope to catch the cheese.
The first person over the finish line at the bottom of the hill wins the cheese.
In theory, participants are aiming to catch the cheese, but the double Gloucester cheese of 7 can reach speeds up to 70 mph.
This competition is part of a British tradition that has existed for 2 centuries. It takes place on the Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, England.
Each year, people go home with broken limbs and an ambulance is on standby to look after the wounded.

1. Wife Carrying

This competition was invented, according to legend, by a name who’s named Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen. Depending to one of the many versions, young men would often steal women from neighbouring villages and bring them home by carrying them on their backs to take ownership of them.
This game is practiced in a team of two, a man and a woman. The man have to carry the woman and run as quickly as possible through an obstacle course and is it held annually in Finland in early July.
A 253,5 m course with various surfaces, 2 dry obstacles and one water based obstacle.
The prize to the winner is a mobile phone, and more importantly they also win their wife’s weight in beer.


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