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It has been a difficult journey to get there, in fact too difficult for some…

It has been a difficult journey to get there, in fact too difficult for some…


The journey to Russia is fully underway as the 2018 World Cup has kicked off in style! It has been a difficult journey to get there, in fact too difficult for some. The Italians and Dutch failed miserably on the road to Russia, but one man has made it!

Congratulations Tim, after Sweden qualified for the World Cup he decided he would follow his team to Russia on his beloved bicycle! His passion for cycling and football meant he was able to embark on the journey of a lifetime. From Sweden to Russia in time for their opening group game.

“After I bought the ticket for the game I also got a visa included with the fan ID card. The FIFA World Cup visa made it possible to enter Russia 10 days before the tournament started and that was perfect as I needed to cover the last 1200km to the stadium between Sweden and Russia! I crossed the border on the 4 of June and turned up the pace to cover more distance over the first two days.”
“Traveling along the main road towards Moscow the weather turned on me pretty much as soon as I entered Russia and it started raining. Sometimes I had to cover in the bus shelters to cover up from the heavy rain but at least then I still had the wind in my back!”
We all know that the World Cup brings fans from all over the world together and that’s exactly what Tim was hoping for. Two more passionate cyclers right by his side!
“During a break towards the end of day two I was lucky and met two other cyclists Yoshio Okada (69 years) and Roland Hurtecant (79 years). Roland is the oldest touring cyclist I have ever met and quite famous in Belgium from all of his adventures across the planet. Yoshio is a Harvard professor that had cycled across USA from east to west. I had found myself some great company along the way to Moscow! I decided pretty fast that I wanted to cycle with these guys towards Moscow. They were cycling from Belgium to Vladivastok in far east of Russia crossing the whole country!”
It’s all about team spirit in Moscow. Tim now had Yoshio and Roland by his side to see him through.
“We made it to Moscow together and took some photos on the famous Red square as the World Cup preparations were in full swing. Making it to Moscow from home was a great goal of mine and now it’s been achieved! The last days towards Nizhny Novgorod I cycled mostly on small roads exploring small towns and villages in the country were I once was born. Finishing off the tour following the great Volga river.”
“Knowing the language has made it a lot easier to travel in Russia. My legs have suffered and I have felt quite a lot of muscle soreness along the way pushing my 36kg bike across Russia. But still it has been worth it everyday of this trip as I have had the opportunity to explore Russia and bring more awareness towards my charity project in Kyrgyzstan.”
Tim is hoping to raise money for his charity in Kyrgyzstan during his journey. Here at Betfinal we are donating 10% of all deposits to his chosen charity.
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“On the last day I was counting down the kilometres towards Nizhny Novgorod and I finally reached my end destination in the evening on the 15 of June. I cycled to the newly build match stadium parked my bicycle and enjoyed the moment fully of arriving and completing another adventure project thats been in my mind for over a year! Somehow Sweden beat Italy in the playoff to this World Cup, Italy that had not missed a World Cup in 60 years and now I am here and will enjoy watching Sweden play in the greatest of tournaments and of course its going to be something special when I have cycled 2500km to watch the game live!”
“Today I will check out the fan zone. Cant wait for the game to start! Thanks for all who followed my journey I hope you enjoyed!”
Just like Tim were expecting Sweden to complete his journey in style with an opening day victory. Don’t forget to use Tims bonus code

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