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The journey is complete, but this is only the beginning…

The journey is complete, but this is only the beginning…

It’s back to Russia as we caught up with Tim just before Sweden’s World Cup opening victory (which we predicted) against South Korea.

“The good thing about being a swedish fan during a championship is that you will never be the only one with a yellow jersey in town. In fact 6500 fans made their way down to Nizhny to support our team in the first game. Every cafe, bar and restaurant on the main street were totally crowded with Swedish fans during the build up to the game. Nizhny locals were suprised by the wave of swedish energy spreading throughout town but concentrated mostly around the main walking avenue of Bolshaya Pokrovskaya.”
“For game day Camp Sweden organized a march to the arena starting from the main avenue and there were a couple of thousands that walked down as group singing “Kanna på, kanna på, vi är från Svealand” (Come on, come on, we are from Sweden). The atmosphere, and excitement was building up! Finally at the newly built and outstanding Nizhny Novgorod stadium the swedes separated and entered the stadium. Plenty of South Korean supporters were present as well and could be seen in their red shirts. The kickoff was at 3pm and finally the game was on. The rest is history.”
“In second half we got a penalty after a video review by the ref. Our team captain Andreas Granqvist placed the ball confidently inside the net and the stadium exploded. I dont know if i ever have been so happy for goal in my life. We got the important win that I was confident we could get beforehand and got rewarded for my bet on Sweden as well! I hope you listened to my prematch advice!”
“What a fantastic ending I got to experience for my stay in Nizhny Novgorod! After the game I had some time to make an interview about my journey to the World cup with Russia one tv channel and it was broad casted on Russian tv the next day!”

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