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Michael Phelps finally lets us in on his gameface

So I guess it’s impossible to have the Olympics happen without ending up with a few unfortunately still pictures of athletes facial expressions. Last Olympics it was McKayla Maroney, which ended up with a Silver medal and the following facial expression. It ended up as a meme all over the internet, and was called the “unimpressed […]

Pokerstars Duel – Cristiano Ronaldo vs Aaron Paul

So we don’t offer Poker as a product, but we are still enjoying the Pokerstars’s Duels. They take two famous people, like actors, athletes, Miss Worlds, basically anyone cool enough and make them play each other. In this one you have Barcelona football club’s Cristiano Ronaldo versus Tv Show Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. It gets […]

Real Stupid Quotes of Famous Football Players

“My parents have always been there for me, ever since I was about 7.” – David Beckham “I’m as happy as I can be – but I have been happier.” – Ugo Ehiogu “Leeds is a great club and it’s been my home for years, even though I live in Middlesbrough.” -Jonathan Woodgate   “I […]

Mind over Matter – Legendary Runners

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about how Usain Bolt casually jogged 100m to a another Olympic Gold medal, while smiling and looking at the other contestants. And while it’s unrealistic that a person could be so good, it’s still pretty expected from Usain Bolt, the man who broke the world record while having his shoelaces undone. And as […]

The Olympics – Week 2 Update

We’ve now reached the end of week two in The Olympics, and it has so far been handed out 773 medals to 82 different countries. And with their 100 medals, USA has actually managed to win 13% of all the medals. No wonder they are on top. Britain has tripled their medals and moved 6 […]

“Mind your head!” – Irish Amateur Commentating

So for those of you that loves watching the Olympics, loves the Irish, likes sailing, but maybe don’t really understand all the technical language of the commentators; we found this little gem for you. “You’re not going to win any medals going that way!” This Irish commentator has absolutely no idea about sailing but he tries to […]

Andy Murray epically shuts down clueless reporter

As we all know, bad journalism and sexism is for some reason still alive and kicking, even in the Olympics, but not if Andy Murray has something to say about it. This clueless interviewer thought Andy Murray was the only tennis player that has two Olympic medals, which could technically almost be true, if you’re specifically […]

The Olympics – Week 1 Update

It’s been a busy week in Rio. There’s been broken records and bones, and 315 medals has already been won. 60 different countries has won medals, and some countries even for the first time. But without further due, these are the top 10 countries that has the absolute most medals the first week of the Olympics.   […]

Premier League – Upcoming Games

Premier League is starting now on Saturday, and in order to make life a little easier, we have gotten all the games for the next week or so, so that you can instead spend your time more wisely on let say getting snacks or setting up bets. Here you have the full Schedule:   Saturday […]

The good, the bad and the ugly – Olympic Diving

There is few things in life that are more pleasing to the eye than seeing synchronized diving done right, something that happens quite often in the Olympics. But there is also few things less pleasing to the eye than the facial expressions you make while diving on a professional level. So that is why we […]