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Class or Cash? Mayweather or McGregor…

Class or Cash? Mayweather or McGregor…


As the majority of us sit in the office planning our Monday marketing plan, Conor McGregor is unfolding in a typically fashionable manner. Has he gone a step too far? Or is he setting up another payday showdown?

UFC 223: Khabib vs. Iaquinta. Barclays Center New York.

Once again, Conor McGregor has slammed UFC to the forefront of national media. Billed as the talisman who brought British UFC dreams back to life and depicted the sport in a new light internationally, McGregor and MMA have hit the headlines again despite being away from the sport for over 2 years. His latest fighting showdown came at Brooklyn’s Barclays Centre for UFC 223. Sadly, it was his actions outside the ring that landed him in handcuffs.

After the sport stripped the biggest name in MMA (for right or wrong reasons) of his belt for not defending his title for 2 years, the Irish champ took matters into his own hands. Picking up a handrail, McGregor, pumped and fuelled, embarked on a rampage when he attacked a bus carrying numerous UFC fighters. He launched the rail through the window and injured two fighters, Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg. The two were then forced to withdraw from the fight as a consequence of McGregor’s Hulk-like outburst. 

Now being charged with assault and criminal mischief, Conor can get eleven years in prison according to the laws in the state of New York. Has the infamous brawler finally squandered the support of his fans? Or is this another genius marketing stunt by the former world champion who recently left the sport for a moneymaking showdown in the ring against Floyd Money Mayweather. 

After earning $30 million for his bout with Mayweather, a fee of 50k (paid by teammate Dillon Danis) for McGregor to be let out on bail until his June court hearing seemed a little price to pay for the unlimited press it has brought back to the sport. Will we see McGregor escape punishment from the sport? Even the authorities?

In the wake of the scandal, McGregor is being put down by every big name in the industry. Following the outburst, UFC president, Dana White, said Conor has the potential to be “sued beyond belief”. That is not an understatement. McGregor’s eruption is being branded “the most disgusting thing that has ever happened in the history of the company” by the president himself. But, will we see the sports biggest star punished for his actions? Or is it a wellcrafted platform for his return.

 The man who comes from extremely humble beginnings seems to be throwing his weight (as well as money) around in the glamorous streets of Hollywood rather than the ring. Will he be banned for life from UFC? Will he go to jail? Or will he return to fight Mayweather or Nurmagomedov?

McGregor now faces charges of felony criminal mischief and misdemeanour assault, menacing and reckless endangerment after proof of the incident was all caught on camera and placed in the public domain. So, where will we see the notorious Conor McGregor next? Could he be spending the next eleven years behind bars? Or will he return to the cage alongside the richest sporting star for a rematch on his own patch?

Mayweather has grossed over £600 million in an unbeaten 20-year career, winning world titles in five weight divisions. Yet, he recently stated that he “would not box again” and was very tempted to fight in MMA, for which he has already started training. Would Mayweather take on McGregor in the Octagon? “Absolutely,” he said. “If the money is right.” Is this the next part of the script for McGregor Vs Mayweather showdown?

Will Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight at UFC event in 2019? Leave your thoughts in the comments. 


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