Reality meets virtual when La Liga finally kicks off again!

Reality meets virtual when La Liga finally kicks off again!It is the derby of opposites when the big Sevilla FC meets with Real Betis tonight. Finally, after the long break also La Liga will be back but unlike ever before. For all spectators in front of the TV, there will be a brand-new experience as […]

UEFA Nations League: Spain vs England in Group 4 League A

Will Spain’s unbeaten run of 5609 days come to an end today? Are you ready to put your faith in Kane and his teammates? Can Pickford deliver a clean sheet just us Shilton did back in 1980, yes that’s right, that’s how long ago it was since England kept a clean sheet in Spain. England […]

Price boost: Sweden to score first against Russia 10.00 (was 2.40)

Sweden must win the match against the Russians to have a chance in the group. Betfinal is now offering a MEGA ODDS: You get 10x the money if you play Sweden’s first goal! The match starts at 20:45 11th of October, view all odds on the match here PLACE YOUR 10x BET Max stake €1. […]

Germany Vs Sweden, Group F – FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia, Fisht Olympic Stadium. 23rd June 8pm.

BETFINAL SPECIAL  The majority of football fans across the globe have been delighted with what they have seen in the first round of the World Cup, that cannot be said about the defending champions Germany. After an opening day defeat they now face Sweden in a crunch game that could see them going home after […]

The journey is complete, but this is only the beginning…

BETFINAL SPECIAL  It’s back to Russia as we caught up with Tim just before Sweden’s World Cup opening victory (which we predicted) against South Korea. “The good thing about being a swedish fan during a championship is that you will never be the only one with a yellow jersey in town. In fact 6500 fans […]