FIFA World Cup Matchday 18 – What do we know? World Cup Quarter Finals 2022 statistics, predictions and analysis

This series presents the latest statistics, forecasts and analysis of the FIFA World Cup Finals in Qatar 2022. This time we take on board two World Cup Quarter Final games that will take place on Matchday 18 of the tournament: Brazil vs Croatia and Netherlands vs Argentina. Let’s explore and analyse these two forthcoming matches […]

What do we know? Match Day 3,  Group C and Group D standings FIFA World Cup Finals in Qatar 2022

Match day 3 of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar is behind us. We had four games to enjoy on Tuesday: Argentina vs Saudi Arabia (FIFA Group C), Denmark vs Tunisia (FIFA Group D), Mexico vs Poland (FIFA Group C) and France vs Australia (FIFA Group D). The day brought us a lot of […]

Five Most Common Gambling Myths and Fallacies About Online Casinos in 2022

Myths and fallacies are widespread social constructs and have always existed in human history and touched all areas of life. This is especially noticeable when it comes to gambling. The stories that surround casino games are mostly false and misleading. Despite their fallacious character, these myths persist and keep clouding the minds, especially of novices […]

Cash or Crash Live game Guide 2022

Cash or Crash Live is a recent unique live game show produced by Evolution Gaming. İt is nowadays a trendy online casino game attracting many players.  İt is mainly a ball drawing game, and İt consists of a ball flying over an enormous city. The player should bring the airship as far as possible without […]

What do we know? Match Day 2, Group A and Group B standings FIFA World Cup Finals in Qatar 2022

The second day of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar is behind us. We had three games to enjoy on Monday: England vs Iran (Group B), Senegal vs Netherlands (Group A) and USA vs Wales (Group  B).    Let’s find out the outcomes to help you choose the best betting strategies for the upcoming […]

Match Day Tips for Day 4 | Will Belgium Come Out Victorious? | Croatia vs Morocco and More

Are you getting hyped up for the FIFA World Cup 2022 yet? With the tournament underway, all the most exciting matches are coming up. And Day 4 of the competition has some fun in-store for you.  This day is going to be intense on account of the 4 match-ups that FIFA is bringing. Predicting the […]

What do we know? Match Day 1, Group A standings FIFA World Cup Finals in Qatar 2022

The first day of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar is behind us. Ecuador won against the host nation at 2:0 in the tournament’s opening match! The Qataris played like they wanted to appease their opponent but managed to fall asleep themselves. Enner Valencia put the hosts in a complicated situation now, and with […]

Match Day Tips: Day 3 | Argentina vs Saudi Arabia | France vs Australia and More | FIFA World Cup 2022 Opening Match

Match Day 3 is just around the corner and this day has a few exciting match-ups. For one, Argentina fans are finally able to see Lionel Messi’s start to the FIFA World Cup 2022.  Karim Benzema may be out of the France National team, but there still isn’t any lack of talent in the team. […]

France’s World Cup 2022 Title Defense in Jeopardy

In the FIFA World Cup 2022, France will look to defend their World Cup title. There are a total of 221 FIFA Nations in the World. Since 1930, the best teams in the world have competed against each other on the global stage. 31 of the best teams this year will look to dethrone, France, […]