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Manchester Derby 2016 – Previous Statistics

Manchester Derby 2016 – Previous Statistics


Manchester United is playing Manchester City now on Saturday, and seeing how we’re the betting kind of people, we decided to investigate some previous stats, in order to make our bets a little easier to place. As of the 20th of March 2016 and their last game against each other, there have been 171 competitive meetings between the teams. United have won 71 and City 49, the remaining 51 games finishing as draws.


The biggest victories have been to City who have won 6–1 on two occasions in the official league in 1926 and in 2011. But in 1941 during a war league derby match, United beat City 7–1, which remains the biggest victory between the two sides overall. Both teams have won 5–0 once (City in 1955, United in 1994).

Their last game was played this year, March 20th, where Manchester United won 1-0. This also means United has won both their first and last game against City, seeing how the first meeting between the two teams occurred in 1881, when West Gorton – who would later become Manchester City – hosted Newton Heath – who would later become Manchester United. The game finished 3–0 in favor of Newton Heath aka United and was described by the Ashton Reporter as “a pleasant game”.

We’re betting that the next match wont be such a pleasant one, and that United will take another win.
Disagree? Then please feel free to place your own bet here, and see if you got it right.

Bet on:

Man Utd
Man City


And if you still feel a little unsure, then you will be pleased to know that there is a long history of others who has been a little unsure too, even players who have gone from playing on one team to manage the other.

Matt Busby made more than 200 appearances for Manchester City in the 1920s and 1930s, winning an FA Cup medal in 1934. Immediately after the Second World War, Busby became Manchester United manager, completely transforming the club in a 24-year tenure. With United he won a European Cup, five league titles and two FA Cups, and rebuilt the team after eight players were killed in the Munich air disaster in 1958.

Mark Hughes played for Manchester United, from 1980–1986 and 1988–1995 and went on to later manage Manchester City in 2008–2009. Steve Coppell played over 300 games as a right winger for United, winning the FA Cup in 1977. He became City manager in 1996, but resigned after only 32 days, becoming the shortest serving manager in the club’s history.


We’ll be sure to update you after Saturdays game, good luck!


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