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Most Memorable Moments from Euro 16

Most Memorable Moments from Euro 16


Some people say it was a bad tournament this time around, because the matches weren’t all that exciting and the goals came later than winter did in our beloved Game of Thrones(I mean it only took 6 seasons and half the match), but there is so much more to these huge events than just the matches them self’s.  So here is a few of the things we will definitely remember from this years cup.


Iceland’s Seriously Amazing Viking Clap.

There is few things in life that is more encouraging and moving than having 60 000 people doing the same cheer or singing the same song in a football stadium. Having all those people doing something called the Viking Clap? Unforgettable. So unforgettable that France even made it live on in their match against Germany, in a way to honor the underdog Vikings everyone came to love during this tournament.



The Irish Supporters Being Everyone’s Fan Girl.

Ireland didn’t get very far in the actual competition this year; seeing how they met one of this years finalists in their first match, but they would have won the Biggest Cheerleader prize, if there ever was such a thing (which it really should be, to be honest).


They serenaded this French beauty, as well as both French and Polish police officers, and really anyone else who got in their happy-go-lucky, and probably a bit drunken way.

They were even so nice towards other teams and supporters, that their rudest moment were probably then they told Sweden to go home… To their sexy wives. Which is saying a lot, and is all kinds of OK in our book.


The Mountain scaring Ronaldo into missing his free-kick.

Before the match between Iceland and Portugal, Iceland’s own Hafthor Bjornsson (who’s famous for brutally killing people off in the worst way imaginable in the hit series Game of Thrones,) posted this disturbing but yet hilarious video onto the internet.

The video shows Hafthor personally threatening Cristiano Ronaldo, saying that if Ronaldo scores against Iceland, there would be a round two of the most horrible and surprising TV death we can remember. He ended the video with breaking character and actually laughing (we’re still in shock), but that didn’t stop Ronaldo from missing the goal. OK, so maybe there was a Icelandic foot in the way, but seeing how Ronaldo is a fairly great footballer, our guess is that he aimed for it.


Iceland’s commentator hysterically reacting to Iceland’s win against England.

OK, so maybe we’re Iceland’s biggest fan girls right now, but when someone entertains us this much and at the same time have this kind of enjoyment for the game, they certainly deserves to be on three out of four memorable moments from this tournament. And Gudmundur Benediktsson, you made our week with this one.

If you don’t agree with our list, then you should watch this video till you change your mind. Cause you will.


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