Home Sports Golf Music, Food, Passion and Golf – PGA Tour: Zurich Classic, Thursday 26th April – Sunday 29th April.
Music, Food, Passion and Golf – PGA Tour: Zurich Classic, Thursday 26th April – Sunday 29th April.

Music, Food, Passion and Golf – PGA Tour: Zurich Classic, Thursday 26th April – Sunday 29th April.



Today the Zurich Classic will introduce a new tradition to one stop on the PGA Tour; walk-up music. On Tuesday, the event realised its list of songs that will be played on the first tee, and it’s magical. With a new format in place which team will end victorious?

Music, Food, Passion and Golf- PGA Tour: Zurich Classic, Thursday 26th April- Sunday 29th April, TPC Louisiana, Avondale, Louisiana

When speaking of New Orleans, what usually comes to mind is the beautiful music or rich culture. But this weekend, things are getting shaken up! Starting this afternoon, the PGA Tour’s Zurich Classic will bring 160 golf players together paired into 80 teams for an exciting four-day run. This event will be action-packed with sports and entertainment for everyone- there’ll even be a kid’s zone for the little tots to busy themselves in. Walk-up songs have been picked and the stars of the sport have made their way down to the Gulf of Mexico for what could be the most exciting weekend in golf yet!

Some of the biggest names in golf are partnering up with friends and rivals to try their luck at winning the $7.2 million prize money this Sunday in the birthplace of jazz. With the prestige of being the only team tournament in the season and with a new and improved format- it’s no wonder the Zurich Classic has attracted ten of the top fourteen golf players in the world.

This exciting format, which was revised last year and tweaked this year, gives the event that charm that draws crowds. Instead of the usual humdrum 72-hole stroke-play, this year will see the teams play four-ball (best ball) golf on Thursday and Saturday and foursome (alternate shot) on Friday and Sunday. Four-ball golf is played when the hole is won by the team whose member has the lowest score on that hole; whereas foursome golf is played when the hole is won by the team who completes it in the fewest shots. This mode of play adds variety to the game and makes for good camaraderie between the players.

Among the many teams teeing off this weekend are our favourites to win, Justin Rose and Henrick Stenson. The pair are no strangers to the limelight or each other. Rose, the South African-born Englishman won gold at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro with his teammate in toe, finishing second. The pair also represented Europe together in the 2016 Ryder Cup as well teaming up for last year’s Zurich Classic. Stenson even claimed jokingly that Rose “just can’t live without me.” Even their kids are friends! Their history and chemistry unquestionably add to their contention to the title. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on them throughout the weekend!

Nevertheless, there are other teams that could still steal the show in The Big Easy. Jordan Spieth and Ryan Palmer do not only have their home state of Texas in common, but they are also great friends. The two compliment each other perfectly, with Palmer being the more zealous of the two.

Following a difficult onset to the year, Spieth upped his game in the 2018 Masters at the beginning of April with a not-too-shabby third place finish. The Zurich Classic is his time to shine and he has his sights set on nothing but the title.

His buddy, Plamer, hasn’t ruffled many feathers yet this year but is known to work up a storm towards the midpoint of the season. So, who knows what could happen? It’s no surprise their walk-up song is The Eye of the Tiger because they are hunting down that prize money like only hungry felines could.

This New Orleans event is envied by other PGA hosts for having the best food, an incomparable ambiance and some of the greatest cultural attractions. The one thing that is needed to complete this already-beautiful picture is the players themselves and the passion they bring to the sport- and this is certainly not in short supply!

So, will Rose and Stenson give an above par (or rather, below par) performance and swing their clubs to triumph? Or will another duo be hitting the sweet spot this weekend?


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