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No-thank-you Merch from the World Cup

No-thank-you Merch from the World Cup


I am not sure what the World Cup 2014 Logo is supposed to look like, but to me, and seemingly the rest of the world, it looks like a face palm. And fitting too, seeing how much ridiculous merchandise that came out of it all. I mean, not to sound negative or anything, but most of these have either nothing to do with football, or nothing to do in public. And public football was the whole concept to begin with, right? Anyways, here are some of the worst we could find;

Like this England merchandise. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this dream team, ey?


Or cooling down after a long training session with a cup of coffee?


Or show your support to your country or favorite team by sporting one of these lovely watches? (This was probably the most acceptable one, but still I wouldn’t want one if you gave it to me).

Better yet, cuff links with that face palm again! Nothing says die hard football fan and flashy like two of these on your favorite suit. 


And hey, why not save all your valuable memories and pictures in a USB made out of the worst logo in history?


And when we’re talking about all the things that has nothing to do with football, why not just make sports equipment for other sports as well?Boxing gloves


And last but not least, shoes that you can’t possible play football in! Or maybe we just misunderstood, and these are the hard-level types of football shoes, just for the pros among us!



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