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Surprising sports that were actually in the Olympic

The last Summer Olympic Games included 26 sports (with 2 more to be added in the 2016 games). The 2014 Winter Olympics will include 7 sports. However, over the history of the modern Olympic Games, there have been a great number of sports that made a brief appearance. Some are fairly well known, such as baseball […]

Most Memorable Moments from Euro 16

Some people say it was a bad tournament this time around, because the matches weren’t all that exciting and the goals came later than winter did in our beloved Game of Thrones(I mean it only took 6 seasons and half the match), but there is so much more to these huge events than just the matches […]

Summer Skiing and Where to Go

So one of the things that irritates us the most about sports news and tabloids with sport sections, is the fact that they mainly focuses on Football and more traditional sports. And while we do love our football, we enjoy skiing just as much. And you might think that skiing is pretty dead during summer, […]