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Michael Phelps finally lets us in on his gameface

So I guess it’s impossible to have the Olympics happen without ending up with a few unfortunately still pictures of athletes facial expressions. Last Olympics it was McKayla Maroney, which ended up with a Silver medal and the following facial expression. It ended up as a meme all over the internet, and was called the “unimpressed […]

“Mind your head!” – Irish Amateur Commentating

So for those of you that loves watching the Olympics, loves the Irish, likes sailing, but maybe don’t really understand all the technical language of the commentators; we found this little gem for you. “You’re not going to win any medals going that way!” This Irish commentator has absolutely no idea about sailing but he tries to […]

Andy Murray epically shuts down clueless reporter

As we all know, bad journalism and sexism is for some reason still alive and kicking, even in the Olympics, but not if Andy Murray has something to say about it. This clueless interviewer thought Andy Murray was the only tennis player that has two Olympic medals, which could technically almost be true, if you’re specifically […]

The Unseen Side of Olympic Diving

When it comes to Olympics, diving is one of the most complex and unique sports. If you are looking to make some progress in your diving career, then this article may give you some history as well as inspiration! Summer Olympics has been held in many places, such as Aquatics Center Olympic Park, Tokyo Aquatics […]

E-Sports – The International 2016

Defense of the Ancients or more popularly known as DotA, is being played in one of the biggest e-sports events of the year. The International 2016 is being held the 8th of August, and is the sixth annual edition of The International. The tournament will be hosted in Seattle for the fifth consecutive year; it […]

Olympic Games: Interesting Facts You May Not Know

The Olympic Games are the most prestigious platform for athletes to showcase their skills through ancient greek games and some modern ones. It takes place once in 4 years, either through the winter games or region-specific events like the Beijing Olympic summer games. Having said that, this article covers all the interesting facts about the […]