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Meet Madonna Buder – The Iron Nun

Madonna Buder is well known in the Triathlon community for her achievements in age group races. She has completed over 325 triathlons including 45 Ironman Distances. She completed her first triathlon at age 52 and first Ironman event at age 55 and has continued ever since. At 75 years old she broke the record and […]

Mind over Matter – Legendary Runners

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about how Usain Bolt casually jogged 100m to a another Olympic Gold medal, while smiling and looking at the other contestants. And while it’s unrealistic that a person could be so good, it’s still pretty expected from Usain Bolt, the man who broke the world record while having his shoelaces undone. And as […]

The World’s Most Charitable Athlete

They say Google is definitely a woman, because it starts suggesting things before you can even finish your sentence (similarly they say Bing is a man, because it tries to convince people its superior and does a horrible job with pleasing its users). But today when we were Google’ing (this should be a word) “Cristiano […]