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The Olympic Rivalry – Norway vs Sweden

The Olympic Rivalry – Norway vs Sweden


The Olympic ceremony is starting today and seeing how many of our customers is Norwegian and Swedish, and seeing how they have a long history of rivalry ship behind them, we thought it would be fun to compare.

Swedish athletes have competed at every Summer Olympic Games in the modern era, except for the sparsely attended 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis, where there was only 12 countries participated. Norway did however attend, so 1 point to Norwayfor consistency.

In Golf Sweden has Norway beat, with one more participant than Norway, making the score 1-1.

Sweden is beating Norway in Men’s Handball, where Sweden got a few 2nd places, and where Norway hasn’t qualified since 1972. Women’s Handball is quite another story, where Norway took 1st place in the last two Olympics, and where Sweden rarely qualify, and got 8th place as their best score. The score is 2-1 to Norway, at least how we see it.

A total of eleven Swedish swimmers (two men and nine women) were selected to the Olympic team with Therese Alshammar becoming the first female ever to compete in her sixth straight Games. Norway has only two participants, but one of them is born in 1996, so that should earn them an extra point. Still, Sweden easily has this round, 2-2.

In shooting they are pretty close, with Sweden having three participants and Norway four. One of these four is even a Woman so Norway definitely wins this round. 3-2 to Norway.

Norway with all the water and fjords has five participants in Rowing, where Sweden only has one. 2-4 to Sweden, but seeing how Sweden has 152 competitors in 22 Sports, while Norway only has 62 competitors in 13 sports, we would have to conclude that Sweden won this round, humiliating 152-62.


We’ll just have to see who gets the most medals in the end of the event.



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