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The Olympics – Week 1 Update

The Olympics – Week 1 Update


It’s been a busy week in Rio. There’s been broken records and bones, and 315 medals has already been won. 60 different countries has won medals, and some countries even for the first time. But without further due, these are the top 10 countries that has the absolute most medals the first week of the Olympics.




What’s even more interesting to see is the top performers who somehow managed to get not only one Olympic medal, but multiple ones. Seems as Swimming is something you should go for if amount of medals is your main goal in life, seeing how four out of seven of the top performers are swimmers. The next 5 that would make the list are also swimmers.



1. Michael Phelps. USA Swimming


4 Gold Medals
Men’s 4x200m freestyle relay
Men’s 200m butterfly
Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay
Men’s 200m individual medley

2. Katie Ledecky. USA Swimming


3 Gold Medals
Women’s 400m freestyle
Women’s 200m freestyle
Women’s 4x200m freestyle relay
1 Silver
Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay

3. Katinka Hosszú. Hungary Swimming

ow1 Katinka Hosszú

3 Gold medals
Women’s 100m backstroke
Women’s 400m individual medley
Women’s 200m individual medley

4. Kōhei Uchimura. Japan Gymnastics

2 Gold Medals
Men’s individual all-around
Men’s team all-around

5. Simone Biles. USA Gymnastics

ow1 Simone Biles

2 Gold Medals
Women’s team all-around
Women’s individual all-around

6. Chang Hye-jin. South Korea Archery

2 Gold Medals
Women’s individual
Women’s team

7. Ryan Murphy. USA Swimming

ow1 Ryan Murphy

2 Gold Medals
Men’s 100m backstroke
Men’s 200m backstroke



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