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Transfer Tuesday – Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Transfer Tuesday – Zlatan Ibrahimovic


In typical fashion, Zlatan Ibrahimovic announced that he was signing for United before even club officials knew, on June 30. His tweet has been shared 220,000 times and favorited 210,000 times. To try and put that into some kind of context, when Tottenham Hotspur tweeted that they had reached an agreement with Real Madrid for the sale of Gareth Bale it garnered 13,545 shares and 1,943 likes.

Zlatan is also the only player to have scored for six different teams in the Champions League:

  • Ajax (6 goals in 19 games; 2002–03 to 2003–04)
  • Juventus (3 goals in 19 games; 2004–05 to 2005–06)
  • Internazionale (6 goals in 22 games; 2006–07 to 2008–09)
  • Barcelona (4 goals in 10 games; 2009–10)
  • Milan (9 goals in 14 games; 2010–11 to 2011–12).
  • Paris Saint-Germain (10 goals in 13 games; 2012–13 to 2013–14).

And on a list of top goal scorers in the Champions League (not including qualifiers) he is on a number 7. Of those who were still active this season, he’s on number 3, only beaten by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

He is also on the short list over all players to ever score 4 goals in a single Champions League match.

Even when it comes to assists, he’s on a shared 3rd place with Messi, and of those still active this season, they are again only beaten by Ronaldo.

Still we’ve seen a lot of doubt on the internet ever since the transfer, and we do not agree at all. Some have doubted him “because he struggled to push Sweden on during Euro 2016”. But knowing the Swedes, he’s the one that took them there in the first place. They even joke about it, and instead of saying Sweden as in “who will Sweden play against..” etc, they just say Zlatan, as in “who will Zlatan play against..“.

But those doubters who clearly isn’t Swedish, also bring up his time in Barcelona, where he broke records as per usual, but still weren’t appreciated enough. He famously commented on this and wrote; “‘One of my mates said to me “it’s as if Barcelona has bought a Ferrari and is driving it like a Fiat”,’ Zlatan writes. ‘I thought that was a good way of looking at it.’”(we think so too).

They also don’t think he will do any good because of his age, seeing as how he’s already 34 years old. And they clearly missed the face that during his medical at the Manchester United’s Aon Training Complex he topped the club’s power records. The club tweeted at the time: “Making history already. We can confirm Zlatan broke #mufc power records in tests during his medical. #ZlatanTime.”

We for one believes that Zlatan will finally have a Coach that knows how to
metaphorically drive a Ferrari, and we will see a lot more records break.


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